Welcome to Caliraya Springs Golf Club, where the perfect blend of natural beauty and challenging play awaits avid golfers and enthusiasts alike. Situated inside the community of The Hamptons Caliraya, our golf course offers a truly unforgettable experience.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of the Lakeside and Upland Falls courses’ meticulously manicured fairways, lush greens, and breathtaking views. Designed by renowned golf players, Arnold Palmer and Graham Marsh, our two 18-hole championship courses showcase the harmonious integration of the surrounding environment and the game of golf.

As you navigate through our well-designed courses, you’ll encounter strategic bunkers, undulating terrain, and water features that add both beauty and challenge to your round. Our meticulously maintained fairways offer an excellent playing surface, while our greens are renowned for their smoothness and true roll.

Experience the ultimate golfing adventure here at the Caliraya Springs Golf Club. Come and indulge in the perfect blend of natural beauty, challenging play, and warm hospitality.