Boutique hotel district to rise at The Hamptons Caliraya

Boutique hotel district to rise at The Hamptons Caliraya

Lakefront Esplanade will redefine the luxurious lakeside experience in the South

Manila, Philippines – The Philippines’ leading tourism estate developer Global-Estate Resorts Inc. (GERI) announces the launch of the boutique hotel district inside its 300-hectare Integrated Lifestyle Community development in Lumban-Cavinti, Laguna. 

Tucked away on the eastern side of Laguna where the Sierra Madre Mountains come into view, Cavinti prides itself on the various natural attractions that can be visited here. Cavinti Falls, Cavinti Underground River, and Caves Complex, and Bumbungan Eco Park are some of the well-known tourist spots here. Aside from the abundance of natural resources, Cavinti is also recognized for its agriculture, specifically pandan and bamboo; woven crafts, festivals like Sambalilo and Harvest Festival, and delicacies such as kalamay, espasol, and kesong puti. Meanwhile, Lumban is known as the “Embroidery Capital of the Philippines”, where finest hand-embroidered barongs are made.

Lakefront Esplanade will be situated along the beautiful Lake Caliraya, overlooking the natural scenery that stretches out into the mountains, which will be perfect for those who wanted a quick getaway from the city to commune with nature in an American countryside inspired setting. 

The 14,323 sqm boutique hotel district will feature a wide range of bed and breakfast to villas type structure. Lakefront Esplanade will also have complementary features such as a marina, access to the lake, and a walkway by the lake where one can stroll for pleasure.

“The increasing interest of people on the properties in the countryside shows that the preferences of the buyers transitioned to somewhere close to nature and convenient, which fortunately is what Lakefront Esplanade aims to be. We foresee that this project will grow the number of tourists that will visit The Hamptons Caliraya,” says Glennford Heraldo, First Vice President of Sales and Marketing of The Hamptons, Caliraya.

Boutique hotels that will rise in this district will be following the American Colonial architectural design, which exudes the perfect blend of modern and classic style. It is distinctly described to be two levels high in the facade, but owners can add a maximum of three lower levels from the rear. Hamptons Hotel, GERI’s very own boutique hotel, will also soon be seen along the Lakefront Esplanade.

Investors will also have the opportunity to build their own commercial, boutique hotel and other lodging facilities as limited exclusive commercial-boutique hotel lots will be offered here, ranging from 449 sqm to 900 sqm.

“With the growing demand in Integrated Lifestyle Communities today, this will be the perfect chance for investors to diversify their portfolio and secure an investment with one of the leading developers in the country,” Glennford Heraldo, FVP Sales and Marketing, added. 

Lakefront Esplanade is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2023. 

GERI launched The Hamptons Caliraya last 2017. It features an exclusive residential village called The Hamptons Village, an 18-hole golf course, marina, resort/hotel district, The Club, and several future developments that will make the lakeside living experience in the country exceptional.